Mad Medley Battle

Mad Medley Battle 2.0

Mad Medley Battle is a war game where you will drive a heavy armored tank

Mad Medley Battle is a great war game, where you will have to drive a battle tank through a field full of enemies. The graphics are amazing and the way to control the tank is not that easy, you will need to use either your mouse and keyboard in order to do it right. For spinning the shotgun you will use your mouse and you can also shoot it using the left key of the mouse. In order to move the tank you use the arrow keys at the keyboard, for dropping mines you will use the left Alt key, for super weapon the space bar, for changing weapons use the pg down and pg up buttons. Also be sure to configure the mouse sensibility as you prefer it at the beginning of the game.
Kill everyone on the screen, and watch all the time at your health status. The missions are quite simple, most of them are kill everyone, but by everyone we are really talking about a lot of enemies. One of the best strategies is to establish a good perimeter with the help of mines and your spinning shot gun.
The graphics are amazing, and you will be using a great amount of different weapons. Since the game is quite difficult you will have to pay special attention to the health bonus you will find at each mission, you really are going to need them.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great graphics and lots of weapons


  • Not easy to control
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